Some Kind of Foot Fetish or Something?

Are you guys like… weird?

What is WITH this song?

Who writes a song about… feet? And why the hell would anyone want to do it in the first place?

Was the band’s first fan club toe-centric?

Is Clark Kent really Bobby Steel (or vice versa)?

Lift your head, Andy!

Sample of the original UNRELEASED version of “Honey Feet.”

Elm Treason’s “Honey Feet” (as released on “Days of Reaction”)

If you missed the first seven installments of this saga, we got you covered!

What the heck does “ELM TREASON” mean??

Can two attention-span deprived idiots with little or no patience actually create good music?

Wait a Minute… Electric Treason?

Let’s finally hear some ELECTRIC TREASON already!

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