Cool, you’re HERE!

We’re stoked you decided to stop in!

We are ELM TREASON. Welcome!

That’s us – an indie rock n roll duo out of New York City. (Andy and Bobby, individually). 

We take a lifetime of rock n roll vibes and bang them out on our acoustics like they were electrics. No, we don’t croon and strum. Rather, we rock, glide, float and roll. (And other stuff, too).

We’ve been at it for over years now. It’s a sound we really dig. 

Pay what you want for our CD!

Yep, even $0

As an independent band, getting our name out there ain’t easy. In fact, it’s real hard. These days, it’s all about throwing 15 second video clips into the social media abyss with fingers crossed.

But we came up with a better idea. 

What if we reached out to potential fans directly and sent them a package? This way we could get our music in their hands and show them that we’re actually real musicians with real songs with something very real to share. 

That’s why we want to give you a chance to get our CD for free. You just cover the $5 in postage, enter any amount you wish to pay, and we’ll send you an autographed physical copy of the album (plus we always throw in extra goodies in the envelope).

Whatta ya say? We’d love to send you an envelope full of new music! Hopefully see you in your mailbox soon.