Original Music for your Rock and Roll Soul from New York City's Elm Treason


“Outstanding songwriting and musicianship, great melodies that are easy to remember and stick with you.”

-J.J. Fabini, Vice President of Programming Summit City Radio Group


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"The only way to find out how much you are going to love Elm Treason is to take the plunge and soak up the rays and essence of this great band."

-Carmen Allgood, Producer, WorldWideWavez Radio Showz

ELM TREASON is the rock ‘n roll partnership of Andy Roman and Bobby Steel, two native sons of the great city of New York.

At the heart of the ELM TREASON sound is just good catchy guitar-driven rock and roll. Nessi Holt of RKC Radio has lauded them for their composing dexterity and “catchy hooks,” calling them “a guitar-rich melting pot, rich in vitality and vigor, deeply soaked in rock ‘n’ roll ethos.”

Their sound is unique, refreshing, authentic ... and yet each and every tune - from the rockers to the mellow ones, and all stops in between - greet you like an old friend. Think of ELM TREASON as keepers of the rock and roll flame. 

Blues rock, roots rock, alt rock, power pop, hard rock, a ballad or two and even psychedelic rock - it's all there.

Their music has been played on radio stations all over the world.

“Their harmonies are impressive. And they can play! They have a sound all their own. Yet, their music has enough rock and roll to appease most any rock fan.”

-Jason Lee, Afternoon Drive Host, WXKE


Janis, Mozart and Lightning Bolts (Or "When I Knew")

By Bobby Steel

Okay, we’ve got the funny band name. Sure we do. We do this acoustic rock thing, Andy and me.  And in more ways than one – at least in my case – that’s probably a real good thing for humanity at large. Honestly, you wouldn’t want me to be operating on your heart, fixing your…

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The Strumming Turncoat – a Reflection

By Andy Roman

So, right off the bat, I’ll just come out and say this: I was a traitor – a straight-up defector. (Considering our band name, I guess that would make sense). I freely admit it. Back in the day when so many of us in our group of guitar-obsessed riff-heads just wanted to be cool rock…

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On Writing Together in This Band

By Andy Roman

Going back to the beginning – when Elm Treason first secured its unusual nomenclature… After the initial “Cap Tango” sessions were over – and we decided that our musical partnership would, in fact, be a long-term thing – we knew we wanted to write songs together, but weren’t sure exactly how we’d go about it.…

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