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That’s us – an indie rock n roll duo out of New York City. (Andy and Bobby, individually). 

We take a lifetime of rock n roll vibes and bang them out on our acoustics like they were electrics. No, we don’t croon and strum. Rather, we rock, glide, float and roll. (And other stuff, too).

We’ve been at it for almost ten years now. It’s a sound we really dig. 

"Umm... I'm just here for that free CD thing you were talking about .. What's all this?"

Okay, fair enough. You’re ready to snag a CD? Awesomeness!

Just click the “Yes, Let’s Do This” button below. 

To repeat, this deal will land you a free autographed copy of our “Rhyme and Treason” CD for just the cost of shipping, which is five bucks. 

You can donate more if you want, though. (We won’t stop you).

Still Here?

Very cool. It’s probably a good idea at this point to tell you a little bit about ourselves since we’re probably just some random guys on the internet to you right now. We also want to tell you exactly what you get when take us up on this CD thing.

Yup, we’ve been at this a while

Obviously, we’re not international superstars. Most people have no clue who we are. We get that. We embrace that.

We write and record all of our own stuff and have absolute reverence for the artists and bands that influenced us (way too many to mention here). We’ve released five albums and an EP, played tons of live shows, made several TV appearances, have had our music played on radio stations all over the world, and even won a songwriting award. 

"Okay, great. But who ARE you guys, y'know?"

You got two New York City boys here – one from Staten Island, the other from Brooklyn – absolutely obsessed with music.

First and foremost, we each grew up on rock and roll – but also classical and jazz and pop and standards. It was everywhere in our respective lives from the get-go.

 Music was all that mattered… (eventually girls, too…but music and more music)…

From Beatles to Zeppelin, JS Bach to Alice in Chains… rock, pop, metal, funk and all stops in between… we listened, we loved, we learned, we eventually said, “Damn, we gotta do that!”

We didn’t know eachother for most of our lives, bouncing from band to band…busk to busk…We hit all kinds of genres before we hooked up – rock, blues, metal, folk, world, pop, et al…. 

Eventually, we met, decided we dug each other’s vibe and formed an Elm Treason. (The band name is simply an anagram of our last names: Roman and Steel). 

We do the rock and roll we do – from bluesy to funk, from mellow to psychedelic, from hard to folk – with a kiss of the vintage vibe, loving our acoustics with an electric attitude.

That’s the Elm Treason thing. That’s the Elm Treason sound. No, we didn’t reinvent the wheel… but we have a pretty nice ride, we think.


"I'm rooting for you guys, but what's the free CD thing really all about?"

So glad you asked! 

So, as an independent band, getting our name out there ain’t easy. In fact, it’s real hard. These days, it’s all about throwing 15 second video clips into the social media abyss with fingers crossed, hoping people actually spend more than a nanosecond giving us a spin. 

But we came up with a better idea. 

What if we reached out to potential fans directly and sent them a package? This way we could get our music in their hands and show them that we’re actually real musicians with real songs with something very real to share. 

Isn’t that way more fun than sending out a Spotify link?

We want our music to actually hit you. We feel like this is the best way to do it. 

In our collective mind, this is what being a real artist is about… not just coming across as a couple of passive, “too cool” dudes, y’know?

We think this is the way to truly connect around music in an age where everything is random 15 second videos.

"Okay, so here's what happends when you order a CD."

So look, we get it. It makes perfect sense to be skeptical about paying any amount of money to a random guitar-banging duo on the internet with an internet page that has a bunch of buttons you can click. Perfectly normal to feel that way – even if you like our music and dig our personalities. 

So let us lay out everything you get when you do this and why you don’t have to be scared to do it.

This ain’t no cheap knockoff CD. It comes in a classic style jewel case with a full color six panel insert (remember reading liner notes and holding it in your hand when you got a new album?) 

And the CD itself is seriously cool – it looks and feels like vinyl. 

No kidding. High quality stuff. Plus it comes a resealable CD sleeve.

And we will autograph it for you. 

We personally package it all for you. 

We don’t farm it out to some cold, soulless radio merch company. 

We even throw in a sticker and a magnet.



You’ll also get IMMEDIATE MP3 and WAV downloads while you wait for your music to make its way home to you.


It’s only $5 to Ship.

You can tip more if you want, but it’ll literally just be a flat $5 bill to get the CD sent to you. 

Ships within a week … or else

We’re just two dudes packing up all these CDs, but you should definitely see a shipping confirmation with a tracking number within 7 days of ordering!

And if you don’t? Email us and we’ll refund you. You’re worth it.


A “Screw These Guys” money back guarantee

If you go through this whole process, and you’re saying to yourself, “Screw these guys. Hate his music. Not what I thought. Hate this CD thing. Hate their ugly mugs. This wasn’t worth it,” just ask us to refund your $5 within 30 days and we’ll take care of it, no questions asked.

In that case, feel free to use the disc as a nifty looking coaster… or as a way to clean out the muck between the oven and the counter.

Whatever works for you…

What have you got to lose?

And hey, if you don’t have a CD player, but still want to support the band and our music, no problem. In addition to the CD, we e-mail you FREE streaming and digital downloads of the entire album in HQ MP3 format. Think of the CD as an autographed souvenir!

Support a couple of guitar bangers today!

Thanks for taking the ride to the bottom of this page. You are one groovy noodle. We hope we’ll be sending you a package soon!