The Elm Treason Sound

What is it exactly?

That seditious vibe

What does the phrase “Elm Treason Sound” really mean? 

By default, isn’t anything created by the band the “Elm Treason Sound?”

How self-important do these guys think they are to believe they actually have a “sound?”

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I fell in love with your sound years ago at a time in my life that I really needed it. I think your sound that is uniquely “Elm Treason” has its individual quality because you guys harnessed a magic combo. You take all the sounds you grew up on, that you were steeped in, that moved you in your core and didn’t try to duplicate what you heard. You allowed what you loved to influence and flavor and hint your own vision. Being true to your own inner magic made it something special.

Such fantastic words, Trena.

There is much truth than what you say.

We try to tap into all of our influences and create music that we might like to hear, without trying to sound too much like anyone else.

Awesome of you to comment here.

I think your sound that is uniquely “Elm Treason” has its individual quality because you guys harnessed a magic combo. You take all the sounds you grew up on, that you were steeped in, that moved you in your core and didn’t try to duplicate what you heard. You allowed what you loved to influence and flavor and hint your own vision. Being true to your own inner magic made it something special.

Your wit, personality, talent on all instruments is what makes you guys hum! I know, I keep saying the whole package, but that’s what makes you guys, “Elm Treason!”

Great to hear from you, Patricia.

You humble us.

Thank you.

We try to keep it interesting so people don’t get bored. And we try to interact in ways that we would appreciate from artists we admire.

Rock on!

It might be best to remain un-defined, which of course may be a style of its own too! Years ago, I was jamming on a solo gig and this guy was sitting there staring at me, and I started to wonder what was going on. On a break I went a talked with him and he said, “I was just trying to figure out what kind of music style you’re playing and can’t do it”. That was probably my best compliment.
But you guys have a great sound and style and remind me of myself in a duo we had long ago called “The Acoustic Edge”. But even more, you are kind of like an acoustic version of the 80’s band “Jellyfish”. Now THAT’s a compliment!

Your comment is, indeed, rich with Compliments.

The idea of being undefined is quite scrumptious.

It allows a listener to completely define and accept the music on their own terms.

Not that they aren’t doing that anyway… But Being completely void of preconceived notions is quite appealing.

You’ve been where we are. And it just goes to show you that doing what we do on an acoustic guitars just isn’t that common.

You did it. You get it.

Thanks so much. An absolute joy hearing from you

It’s vital. It’s alive. It takes no prisoners. Playing guitar like drums – I like that! I try to play drums like I’m playing guitar, so I don’t break so many strings.

I agree with the percussion description. I’ve been writing music in that style for over 40 years. Funny, I can’t use a pick. Never learned too. I played bass before picking up the acoustic and taught myself to groove and make pockets for percussion.

I (Andy) completely relate, Bobby.

In my own case, playing percussively was a necessity because I wanted to be able to stay in time and get people moving… So I developed ways of being able to always incorporate a drum beat of some kind in my playing… At least that’s the way I always explained it to myself.

Plus, it seemed to me that the audience could more readily enjoy the rhythm and the groove if there was some sort of beat in my playing.

As a teen learning how to play, I could find no Drummers or percussionists to play with… So I tried to take on both roles.

Very clean and clear. You can always hear all of the instruments. I never have to strain to understand the words. I’ve never understood artists who blast over the lyrics.
Just wondering… Do you guys have real jobs?

Hi praise, indeed.

Thank you for that.

We love the details in the music… The nuances… The little flavors and spices… The unexpected notes… The textures…

As far as day jobs go… Bobby is an elementary school music teacher.

I am a voice actor and a freelance audio and video producer.

Yes you started with electrics. But you found your niche when you went acoustic. Your sound is acoustic guitar rock. A great sound!

Thank you so much, Gary.

It wasn’t anything we planned, per se.

But aren’t those always have the best ideas come about? Aren’t the greatest adventures often forged unexpectedly?

We call it “ROCKOUSTIC!”

I love you guys. I would call it Americana Funk. I hear lots of different influences that really are subtle, and much more likely a result of my thhinking “I’ve heard that somewhere before” but, can’t actually say where.

Elm Treason certainly has a sound all their own. Both of you are, first of all, talented and accomplished musicians in your own right. Then you take Andy’s percussive and unique style on any instrument he plays, his love of many genres…mix that with Bobby’s chord and picking integration, and his love of many genres plus classical music which again shows in all the instruments he plays – and weave the 2 styles together….and on top of all that is the unique vocal style – both as leads, back up – your harmonies are recognizable as a sound as well. So yeah you guys….you have a “sound”, much more accurately “sounds” that are Elm Treason

Michael, if we had a payroll of any kind, you would be on it.

It isn’t just the complementary words, which we obviously appreciate more than we can say… But you do sum up pretty well.

And even if it weren’t all exactly true, we would WANT every bit of it to be true. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

A big part of the Elm Treason thing is something that is completely intangible… At least on the surface… And that is our willingness to let our egos fall by the wayside and let the song dictate what is best for it.

Not easy sometimes, to be sure…

But to trust each other musically is a major part of all of it

I definitely think you have your own sound. It’s like rock mixed in with some folk and just a tad of funk. Just my opinion😺🎸🥁

… And we love your opinion.

You will get no argument from us whatsoever, Cindy.

Quite a compliment on all fronts.

Having a unique sound is pretty much whatever artist strives for… As long as they are not so alienating as to not gain fans.

There has to be enough familiarity to get people engaged… But enough uniqueness to keep them so.

I could go about my day, and hear your music and know it’s you. And it makes me feel good. That’s the Elm Treason sound!

Hi Peggy!

Once upon a time, The band’s tagline was: “feel good groove rock.”

It served us well. And it looks like it has connected with you on that level.

Nothing makes us happier, Peggy.

to me the sound is very much about contrasts, but also how they come together. like when you are eating french fries and dip one in your ice cream – shouldn’t work, but winds up being exactly what you needed. good things that both contrast and enhance each other – thats The Elm Treason Sound

You have a SOUND! It’s Elm Treason Indie sound. No one rolls off Spanish guitar riffs like you two! Creative, innovate yet familiar with the signs and wonders of musical genius! 🎶 Rock On Loud!

Yes, Andy, I think it does. I don’t really hear any other song influenced musicians.
Love your music style!

Thank you for that, Kat!

Our influences run so deep… So far and wide… We would run out of bandwidth trying to list them.

In everything we do, we not only pay homage to the music makers who helped pave our paths in life….But we try to create something we are proud to leave behind.

So good to hear from you

honestly, i haven’t heard of any other band, group or duo that sounds like you do. did you have any influences that you grew up with that you wanted to sound like? if so, i couldn’t pinpoint who it might be just by listening to elm treason

Your comment is exactly the kind of comment all creators of original music long to hear in some form or another.

I won’t lie about that.

Indeed, Bobby and I have always said that we want to be able to make music that has a unique signature to it… Something that is Identifiably ours.

Artists always try to find their niche… Their tone… Their style… That which defines them…

Obviously, we did not one day sit down and say, “let’s do everything acoustic now… Just because.“

Rather, Circumstances unexpectedly presented a creative path to follow that we chose to traipse down… Somewhat experimentally… it was definitely a challenge for us…

But I will say that every moment of it has been fun.

Creatively speaking.

And the experiment continues.

But there’s no doubt that when we were each starting out we wanted to sound like all of our heroes in some way… Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rush, the Who, Van Halen, Randy Rhodes, you name it…

Our influences run far and wide… Thankfully.

Seriously appreciate the comment, Richard.

I was learning the drums years ago, only to prank my son next time we went to the music shop. Its amazing how you start hearing drums more in music. I’ve noticed how you’re both playing different styles, and I’m wondering if that’s what drew me to you guys? Plus you just make me laugh, you’re such great friend’s, a real connection ❤️

Hi Penny!

We are fortunate in that from the very beginning, the camaraderie we established translated Instinctively and spontaneously into the music creation… In fact, the friendship developed, I believe in large part, as a byproduct of what we were doing musically… It’s like the music came first and the dynamic of the friendship was sculpted around that. In those early days, it never seemed like work. It was 80% goofing off and 20% making music… And the 80% was literally just as important as the 20%.

Obviously, to this point, it shows in the music.

And we will keep doing what we’re doing as long as that remains true.

i’d label it, Sircuss pn: Sir Cuss
you never know where its going exactly, all instrumental beasts , from new yoork sawdust and you draw a crowd -> PLUS! doing what you love & lovin life! how great is that??!
i want to join the Circus cuz i tired of the shit show😄
who wants to be defined by one sound? unless your inventing the sound. right? right ?
puff. puff.
ha. ha.

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