If you’ve read this announcement already in our newsgroup (THE UPTOWN Q), saw it in our weekly newsletter (GROOVY NOODLES) or even got an e-mail about this (assuming this is POST-Monday morning), you don’t need to read this again. 

However, if you haven’t, chances are it is because the FACEBOOK algorithm that is supposed to connect us with our fans has a BAD ATTITUDE and operates with sinister intent. (That’s our take, anyway). Why our posts are not distributed to those who want to see them is beyond us… but that’s how the bastards-that-be roll.

Here goes… 

PRE-ORDERS for the our new album “WITHOUT A TRIBE” will begin on Monday, June 19th for those who are BOTH on the ELM TREASON MAILING LIST as well as those who are members of our UPTOWN Q FACEBOOK GROUP. 


If you are a member of our mailing list, you will get the first announcement the morning of June 19th in your e-mail inbox at 9:40AM (your local time, no matter where you are).

The official announcement for all UPTOWN Q riders will happen via a post that will hit the group at 9:40AM on that same day, NEW YORK CITY TIME (EDT).

Not a member of our mailing list? Not a rider on the Uptown Q?

Fear not!

You will be able to PRE-ORDER “WITHOUT A TRIBE” through the Groovy Noodles Newsletter on Friday, June 23rd.

Not connected with any of those three?

Then how the hell are you reading this?

These are the only three avenues for pre-ordering the album – the mailing list, the Uptown Q and the Groovy Noodles newsletter.

In short, we are giving a very exclusive group of inner-circle ELM TREASON fans FIRST DIBS on everything before the general public has access to any of it.

Along with CDs, vinyl and digital copies of the album, there will also be additional merch available including EXCLUSIVE bundles for our best and closest friends and fans – YOU GUYS.

Nobody else will be seeing this message – just the Q riders, the email list and Groovy Noodles people.

Meanwhile, the “official” release date of “WITHOUT A TRIBE” for everybody else will be Friday, August 1st.

What does “official release date” actually mean? And who is “everybody else?”

The official release date is when the music will be made available to the general public – the NON-PRE-ORDER people.

In other words, whatever is left over from the pre-order inventory will be made available to the rest of the world on Friday, August 1st. That means, the people who were not given an opportunity to pre-order might not be able to get everything we’re offering.

“Everybody else” is everyone NOT riding on the Uptown Q, NOT on our e-mail list and NOT a “Groovy Noodles” subscriber.

Meanwhile, those who have PRE-ORDERED physical merchandise such as CDs, Vinyl, merch, etc. can expect their goodies to ship during the week PRIOR to August 1st.

Additionally, all PRE-ORDER people who snagged physical merchandise such as CDs, Vinyl, merch, etc. will have the music made available to them by Monday, July 17th in digital format (MP3s), a full TWO WEEKS before anyone else will hear any of the music. This will hold friends and fans over until the physical stuff finally arrives home. These MP3s will be delivered via email.

And for those who order ONLY digital downloads, HIGH QUALITY audio files will be delivered on Monday, July 17th via e-mail.

There you go. Much love, all!