Is There Metal in Them Thar Hills?


Rock Ain’t Really Rock if it don’t “ROCK,” right?

Bringing an electric guitarist’s soul to the acoustic guitar…

Is the whole “Treason” sound a gimmick? Contrived?

Seriously, how is it possible to ROCK without deliciously creamy overdrive?


13 replies on “There’s Metal in Them Thar Hills”

Thanks Bobby and Andy it’s always a pleasure watching your videos and getting the lowdown or is that updown on the workings of Elm Treason. I love checking them out

Your music makes me happy! The guitars work perfectly together and the lyrics are quirky and thought provoking

Awww, you thoroughly and decisively make our day, Sara.

We love hearing that.

If our music can sprinkle in a little happiness into a person’s day, it is a VERY GOOD day.

And I love what you say about our lyrics. Sometimes, we are absolutely straight-forward. Other times, we swim in metaphor. Each and every time we make sure the SOUND of the words falls into place to complete the song’s soundscape.

Awesome to hear from you.

Thanks so much, Ellen.

We love hearing that.

Of course, we are VERY MINDFUL of the possibility of over-exposure and the appearance self-aggrandizing.

But so far, we’ve been enjoying sharing this stuff.

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